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Quintet® –
the digital showroom

With Quintet ® manufacturers present their fashion lines in the form of digital workbooks, in which the goods, marketing and product are presented in an integrated manner.

Distributors can not only obtain their order data from this “digital brochure”, but also all the key information on the goods in order to convincingly present them in the store, including image and photo material, lookbooks, presentation ideas and materials for sales training.

With the visual planning tool, trade buyers have constant control over their sales areas and product ranges – from pre-ordering to daily inventory management.
Quintet ® enables purchasing associations to provide their affiliates with shopping ideas and fashion stories, down to the last detail, any time.

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Integrates marketing, product management and sales: individual stylebooks – with intelligent possibilities of filter options, always the right language and area.

Quintet® is a product of MobiMedia AG.

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